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China investment: A new cellular company in Nicaragua (Update Jan 2013)


TELCOR –Nicaragua Telecommunication Regulator Entity- officially announced that Xinwei Telecom Enterprise Group ( PR China – Est. Nov-95) has been assigned with the frequency band 1785-1805 MHz becoming potential third wireless operator.

Even though the amount of bandwidth available within the 1785-1805 MHz -referred as Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)- is relatively small, this band is considered ideal for alleviating immediate demand in regional and remote areas as the main outcome from Government. This band is identified as part of the bands available for countries wishing to implement IMT-2000 an international standard for third-generation mobile network.

According to TELCOR´s CEO  Xinwei will invest around $700M as a initial phase for deploying  wireless communication as well as Internet access. Investment will continue until 2015 completing $2B and by reaching full coverage in the country. Government expects from this new company to bring competition to local operators –Claro and Telefonica- forcing them to reduce prices, to improve customer service, and to enhance customer loyalty strategies

Last year Xinwei, Datang Mobile and Great Wall Industry Corporation visited Nicaragua and other Central America countries looking for opportunities to invest.




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