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2017 the end of data tsunami.


An independent report from ABI Research indicates that with an yearly continuous increase of 50% from traffic volume and an astonishing projection of almost 1.5 gigabytes as monthly average per wireless subscriber, the global volume of mobile data traffic will exceed 107 exabytes  in 2017  which is eight times more than what is expected for 2012.  (An exabyte or EB is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. An exabyte of storage could contain 50,000 years of DVD-quality video and all the printed material in the world only takes up about five exabytes.)  Analyzing the information and tables it seems inadvertent data consumption has played an impotant role as a source of traffic with the on-demand video apps and high-end android smartphones at the top of the feeding data chain. However, 2017 seems to be the end of the data growing trend as Android and Google Play improve their platform making end-users aware of monitoring and controlling their data usage and while other on-demand video applications such as Netflix  limit their viewing to Wi-Fi only.


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